Monday, September 9, 2013

Handicraft: Beaded Serving Spoons

I received one of these as a Christmas gift in a MOPS group years ago and I love using it. It reminds me of all the MOPS fun and it's just cute. I thought that little hands might be able to do this, so we set off for Hobby Lobby and found some beads and wire. Today (as a tester) we dressed up some serving spoons we already had, but the boys and I had such a good time doing this we are planning on doing this for Christmas gifts. We might even be making some jewelry for out girl friends and cousins ('s a surprise!).

Here's some pictures of our version. I looked this up on Pinterest and the blogosphere is full of this project, so I'll save myself the work and let them explain all the little details.

Beaded Serving Spoon How To

I gave a small strand of the wire with a bead "tied off" at the bottom and they joined in on the fun. I can use their beads for Christmas ornaments or key chains for additional gifts. 

Even the littlest hands like to move and sort. 

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